European Network Training Organisations for Local and Regional Authorities

ENTO is a European network grouping together the local and regional authority training establishments of virtually all of the Council of Europe’s member states.

First thought up by the Council of Europe, ENTO has, since 1995, been an independent association grouping a very wide variety of members, among them both organisations with years of training experience and relatively recent institutions with their own specialities.

From this diversity springs a wide-ranging network within which members can exchange ideas and pool experience with other persons or bodies active in the same field, but with a different fund of knowledge.



ENTO SummerLab 6-8 June 2018

From Summer School to SummerLab In 2017 the Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform decided not to continue supporting the CoE-ENTO summer school, a training of trainers in local governments sector. In 2017 the 8th  dition of the summer school was organized in Sofia (Bulgaria) in cooperation the National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria (NAMCB) and the Hans Seidel Stiftung.  During […]

From the Congress great interest to ENTO activities

During the ENTO bureau meeting in Strasbourg, a specific session was devoted to sharing information and views with Congress Secretariat Representatives, Ms. Marité Moras and Mr. Dimitri Marschenkov. Mr. Marschenkov explained the activities that the Congress is undertaking within the Neighbourhood Programme, especially with Morocco and Tunisia. He underlined that one of the priority consists in strengthening the training capacity of local training […]

15-16 March: Bureau meeting in Strasbourg

As foreseen by ENTO rules of procedure the first bureau meeting of the year was held in Strasbourg and offered the chance to have very fruitful meetings with representatives from the Council of  urope. Within the Council, ENTO has special relations with the Congress of local and regional authorities and with the Centre of Expertise for local government reform in the […]


A newsletter that informs, announces, reminds, advises, instructs, advertises, and communicates …

The newsletter of ENTO is a short publication that contains specific information about the organization of ENTO and its activities.


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Council of Europe

Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe In 1994, the Council of Europe established the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe (CRAE) as consultative body to replace the former Standing Conference of Local and Regional Authorities. The Congress helps new members with practical aspects of their progress towards establishing effective local and regional government. ENTO enjoys privileged relationship with the CLRAE, providing support to its assistance programmes with regard to training of staff and elected representatives of local and regional authorities (more…CE site, CLRAE).

Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe

The Council of Europe is an intergovernmental organisation, which aims at protecting human rights, pluralist democracy and the rule of law. Established on 5 May 1949 by ten member States, the Council of Europe has now 47 member countries. The Council of Europe should not be confused with European Union. The two organisations are quite distinct. The 27 European states, however, are all members of the Council of Europe. The Palais de l’Europe in Strasbourg (France) is the Council of Europe’s headquarters

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP)

Cedefop’s mission is to support development of European VET policies and contribute to their implementation. Cedefop’s strategic objective is to ‘strengthen European cooperation and support the European Commission, Member States and social partners in designing and implementing policies for an attractive VET that promotes excellence and social inclusion’.