The Polytechnic of Sibenik in ENTO

During the ENTO bureau meeting which was held in Metz on 23rd November, the admission of the Polytechnic of Sibenik (Croatia) in ENTO was formally approved.

We heartily welcome the new member in the network sending our regards to Ivan Malenica, Dean of the Politechnic, and Ljubo Runjic, who represented the Polytechnic in the general assembly in Metz.

Hereafter a short presentation of Polytechnic of Sibenik.

The Polytechnic in Sibenik was first established in 2006 and we have been educating young students (older than 18) in the fields of social and technical sciences of tourism, public administration, transport and informatics.

We have 1100 students and 50 members of the staff.

We offer undergraduate professional study programmes:

  1. T ourism management
  2. IT management
  3. Administrative law studies
  4. Traffic and transportation studies

Professional study programmes consist of 6 semesters (180 ECTS) and after successfully finishing them, our students acquire a degree of professional graduates or baccalaureus of economy, informatics, traffic or administration. The Polytechnic also offers a specialist graduate professional study program that lasts two years (4 semesters): Graduate professional study of management (120 ECTS).

The objective of the Polytechnic is successful integration in the European educational space. We have therefore introduced internationally accepted norms and educational standard (ISO 900 l :2008, ESG) in our activities. lnvestment in our programs, human and material resources has led to our programs being recognized in Croatia with the wish to open new horizons and international exchange of students and teachers.

The aim of the institution is to provide programs of high quality that will enable responsible young experts to become the carriers of future development for the local, national and international

comrnunity especially since we are the only higher education institution int he county. We have a very strong support from our City Council, Sibensko- kninska County, NGO sector.

With the current changes in the world and new prospects in the European labor market, we hope to integrate our Faculty with other institutions in higher education, in Croatia but in Europe as well.

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