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The Lugansk Center of Post Graduate Education was created according to the disposal №446 from 16 th April, 1996, made by the person who was doing the duties of the head of the Luhansk region as an execution of the decree №398 “About the system of qualification, requalification and arising the qualification of the state servants”, made on 30 th of May 1995, by the President of Ukraine.

It statute was consolidated by the disposal №735 of the person who was doing the duties of a head of the Luhansk regional administration by 12 th of June 1996.

The direction of the work of the Center is providing the education for the advancing of qualification of state servants and officials from local self-governing organs with high quality. It also works on the popularity of the state serving among youth.

There are all the conditions for the good results of education. There are rooms for classes, lections hall, scientific library, method room, room with computers.

Scientific library has a lot of different specialized literature of the different directions in advancing of the qualification. For more useful work there is an electronic variant of the library. At this edition all the books of the library are doubled. The visitors of the library have an opportunity to use the law base of Ukraine . Electronic and printed variants are available.

There are computers in the computer room. The computers have equipment for studying foreign languages. There is also two multimedia rooms. The listeners of the course “Information technologies in state serving” have an opportunity to use the Internet.

The education in the Center is correspondence course and full time education. The education provides including the active forms, the lectures with the finding out the problem, seminars and practical classes (psychological role and business play, thematically based meetings, consultations and so on). And also self-education (preparation for the lectures and seminars, attestations and individual tasks).


Contact person: Chunikhin VLADIMIROVICH

Position: Director of the LCPG


Category of membership: Ordinary / Member of the Bureau