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Hochschule Kehl – University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration – was founded in 1971 by the State of Baden-Württemberg. First key task is the initial training for civil servants and employees who will take up middle and upper management roles in public administration. The university provides all students with broad-based core skills and know-how for modern public management. In the last semester of studies there is a degree of specialisation in specific topics of public administrative work.

Second key task is to offer further in-service training for the staff of local and regional authorities. Associated to the university are the Kehl Academy for
further training and the Euro-Institute Kehl-Strasbourg which trains mainly staff of public administrations from France, Germany and Switzerland. Applied research is also conducted at the university.

There are approximately 35 permanent full-time professors (social scientists, psychologists, economists, computer specialists, lawyers) and about 150 part-time lecturers teaching at the university. Hochschule Kehl is offering to all ENTO-members, to the Council of Europe and to the European Union, the organisation of international seminars and summer schools, missions of experts, and co-operation in research projects. The university is twinned with several public and private institutions all around the world. The main activities resulting from these active partnerships are the exchange of lecturers and students, joint seminars and workshops, study visits and co-operation in the development of curricula and teaching materials. Training, organisational and personnel development and consulting projects are implemented on local, regional, national, European and international levels.


Director : Prof. Paul WITT

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Gert FIEGUTH

Position: Study Dean for Master Degree on “European Public Management”

Telephone: +49 7851 894 184 / 894 5 184


Category of membership: Ordinary / Member of the Bureau