ENTO Bureau meeting

Taking the chance of the summer school, the second bureau meeting for 2017 was held on 11th July 2017. Mr. Boris Bakota and Mr. Gert Fieguth were excused absent.

Mr. Jean Paul Plassard, ENTO treasurer, updated about ENTO financial and administrative situation. Mr. Pierre Petit presented the new ENTO website, which was very positively welcomed by the other members. Mr. Petit also updated the bureau about the Erasmus+ project which was presented in March. The commitment to fruitfully exploiting ENTO strengths through a project which can enhance training capacities within the public sector is still ranked first in the priority list.

The 2017 summer school was also discussed. All members thanked Mr. Valentin Lavrov, from the National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria (NAMCB) for the perfect organization and the great welcome in Bulgaria. Given the recent decision by the Centre of Expertise for local government reform not to support CoE-ENTO summer school in 2017, the 6th edition of the summer school was at risk: thanks to Valentin and the Hanns Seidel Foundation (Germany) a new joint experience could be organized with full satisfaction.

Last point in Bureau agenda was the decision about 2017 ENTO Conference and General Assembly. Mr. Petit presented the option to organize a joint event in Metz (France), in cooperation with other training institutions for local governments. Considering the proposed topic, of potentially great interest for ENTO members, and the expected quality of the overall organisation, the bureau agreed to the proposal.

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