Election of President and Bureau: candidatures are open

This year the two-years term of ENTO bureau is expiring and new elections will be held during the next General Assembly on 17 October 2022 (in Brussels during the next StudyLab).

The General Assembly will have to elect its next President and members of the Bureau.

Since now, following ENTO Rules of procedures, people who are interested in running for the office of President and/or ENTO Bureau member can post their candidature.

Specifically, candidatures have to send:

  •  the declaration form (attached below) properly filled in;
  •  a CV 

to info@crf.wallonie.be by the September 30, 2022.

Candidatures may be made for more than one office, i.e. President and Bureau member.

All ordinary members who have paid their fees will be eligible to stand for election and vote in an election.


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