2017 ENTO Annual conference and general assembly.

The first conference of general secretaries/directors of municipalities from the Grande Région (Walloon, Luxemburg, Grand-Est Region of France, Sarre and  Rheinland-Pfhals from Germany), was held in Metz from 24 to 26 November and hosted the ENTO annual general assembly.

In plenary sessions and workshops different issues related to the topic “Governance: the relation between elected politicians and public managers in local authorities” were discussed. It offered the opportunity to point out how different legal and administrative systems deal with the principles of good governance and the relationships among different roles active in local municipalities.

Besides getting acknowledged with other local government regime, specifically French, Belgian, Luxembourgian and German one, the speeches delivered clearly pointed out how many commonalities there are in the everyday work of local civil servants.

That is, of course, a critical issue for ENTO, given the natural interest for comparative approaches that an European perspective can offer to officials and trainers in charge of delivering training to local public officials.

The conference also offered the opportunity to enjoy the city of Metz, with the special atmosphere created by the famous Christmas Market, and specifically some meaningful buildings: the Mairie (the Municipal House where the first conference day was held), the Arsenal (the Concert hall where we had the chance to participate to the Gala Dinner), the brand new headquarter of CNFPT in the Lorraine Region (where the second conference day and ENTO general assembly were held), the Museè de la Court d’Or (the Historical museum where we had the pleasant opportunity to have dinner on Saturday night).

A big thank to the conference promoters, is to be heartily expressed: Franck LEFEBVRE President of SNDGCT-LORRAINE (www.sndg.info), Michel DEVIÈRE President of the Fédération wallonne des Directeurs généraux communaux, Claude OÉ President of the Association des secrétaires communaux du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (www.fgfc.lu) and Berthold BASTIAN director of the Municipality of Perl.

From ENTO side, a special thanks is to be addressed to Pierre Petit, who gave us the chance to connect ENTO to such an initiative.

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