Take off to Tbilisi!

In just a few days registration for the second appointment of 2019 ENTO StudyLab (entostudylab.org) in Tbilisi (Georgia) will close up.

Many of you have already registered and maybe someone is going to do it in a few days (Registration form is available here).

StudyLab is expected to be an opportunity not only for trainers who work in one of ENTO members, but also for students, participants to training courses and people just interested in the place and in the topics.

The StudyLab in Tbilisi is going to deepen the issue Georgian LGclose2EU.

Since regaining independence in early 90ies of 20th century, Georgia has declared it’s aspirations toward European Union.

I’m Georgian, and therefore I am European.” These are the words of late Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania while speaking in front of the Council of Europe in 1999. Georgia has signed the association agreement with EU in 2014. EU is Georgia’s largest trade partner and supports various reforms in the country.

What are the steps made towards European standards by Georgian local authorities? How European Institutions work in Georgia and what is the role of local governments? These are the questions addressed during the study lab thanks to on-field visits and key-note speakers, as the former Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Margvelashvili .

There will be also the opportunity to discover a bit Georgian wines in a wine tasting in Chateau Ateni and to visit the Stalin Museum in Gori (Stalin Birthplace).

So, as usual ENTO StudyLab is an opportunity no to miss!

See you in Tbilisi!

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