Summer Lab in Charleroi (Belgium): a great learning and working experience

The first ENTO SummerLab, held in Charleroi (Belgium) on 6-8 June 2018, was a great success. I offered also the chance to learn something interesting about the local authorities sector in Belgium.

Three moments were particularly meaningful in this regard:

  1. The visit to the Municipality of Charleroi and the meeting with Ms. Pauline Carit, member of the team which is relaunching Charleroi both physically and culturally
  2. The launching conference of the on-line platform “Bureau RH”, a special ICT architecture which permits the integration of different App for Human Resources Management, from Job descriptions to performance evaluation.
  3. The meeting with the mayor of Houyet, Mr. Yvan Petit, who illustrated the refurbishing of the local railway station into an information and training centre for citizens and tourists

As in the premises, the stay in Charleroi gave the possibility to participants to work on the new concept of ENTO Study Tours (renamed in the workshop as “StudyLab”). In the following articles more details about the first test of this new initiative, the StudyLab in Slavutyc next October, will be offered.

Bureau RH: the cloud room 2.0 for a coherent HR management within Walloon local authorities.

The Conseil Regional de la Formation of Wallon Government (Belgium), ENTO member, launched on 8 June 2018 a new webtool for local authorities. Participants to the ENTO SummerLab had the chance to take part to the launching event and to discover a practical solution to improve HR management in local authorities.

Bureau RH it is first of all a platform where different apps connected with local authorities management and specifically human resource management can be found all together.

It becomes a sort of desktop where everything needed for everyday management can be found and accessed in one click.

So, if a local public manager needs to recruit a new workers, he/she will find in the portal a specific application for building up the job descriptions, some videos and manuals for planning and conducting the recruiting process, all modules needed to fulfil the regulatory commitments stated in the rules.

All the information needed to fully understand the potentialities of such a tool were presented by Pierre Petit, CRF Director, and his staff during the meeting which was held in Namur (Belgium).

More information (in French) available at:

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