StudyLab: the new 112 Centre

The 112 Centre in Tbilisi looks like a spaceship landed on a hill just a few kilometres from the historic city centre. From outside, it has already become one of the most notable architectural landmarks of contemporary Tbilisi. From inside, it provides a practical demonstration of the fast way Georgia has been running across to fulfil European standards and be recognized as a partner in international agreements like Schengen.

As the most modern emergency centres all around the world, the Georgian one is equipped with modern ICT tools. As an example, they are experimenting Artificial Intelligent to improve the work of policemen, firemen, paramedics and other officials. They are in charge of collecting emergency calls and coordinating colleagues on field.

But even such a visit, which could be considered as fully technical, suggested some ideas about the relation between citizens and public authorities. What can be the role of voluntarism in emergency and risk management?

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