Studylab: meeting with Mr. Margvelashvili, former President of Georgia

Meeting a former Chief of State in a very informal and pleasant talk doesn’t happen every day. But that happened during the StudyLab in Tbilisi. We met Mr. Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Georgia from 2013 to 2018, in the Georgian Institute of Public Administration (GIPA). The talk offered the chance to discuss about Georgia political and administrative system, about the reforms that are on the line, about the challenges for the future. We also exploited Mr. Margvelashvili personal experience to talk about relations between citizens and politicians, political parties and institutions.

Some unconventional insights came out. As an example: who can benefit from the bad image politicians have in front of the public opinion not only in Georgia? How can any sustainable improvement in the quality of policies and administration come out from such a negative mood against politics? There are so many seminars and trainings on tools and methods for fostering citizens participation but we risk not to notice the biggest threat to active involvement of “people of good will” as politicians.

A good topic for ENTO in 2020.

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