StudyLab: an innovative one-stop-shop for citizens in Tbilisi

Driving to Tbilisi city centre from the Airport, it is difficult for a newcomer not to ask to the taxidriver what are the astonishing modern buildings on the way for. They are mostly police stations and ministers headquarters. Most of them are built of glass: it is a clear metaphor of the wave of transparency and anticorruption which accompanied public authorities reforms in the past twenty years.

Among those special buildings, there is one that resemble a mushrooms cluster. It stands close to the river Mtkvari, in the city centre. For those professionally committed to public administration issues, it is definitely worth a visit. Not just for its architectural value (it was designed by the internationally recognized archistar Massimiliano Fuksas), but for what happens inside.

The “mushrooms cluster” is the public services one-stop-shop in Tbilisi. If you are a Georgian Citizen and you need your passport, your ID card, or any other administrative document, you can just step in such amazing building, find very kind stewards and hostesses who guide you to the proper desk and ask what you need.

No queues, a kinder area, a cafeteria are inside. But if you just need to pick-up your document, don’t waste time looking for a parking: you can drive in and get what you need from a drive-in desk on the back of the building.

As a group of experts in public administration, of course we discussed a lot about pros and cons of such an “unconventional” way of delivering public services.

What ever the final opinion is, that is a case study which cannot be missed. At the best of our knowledge, there is nothing similar in any other European country.

Definitely a value-added of ENTO StudyLab.

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