Publications in the field of local governance

CNFPT is leading the involvement of ENTO in different publications in the field of local governance. That is an interesting opportunity to demonstrate the scientific value of ENTO members in the field and to provide to political debate facts and ideas which can help reforms and, broadly, a better understanding of present local governements.

Hereafter some news.

  1. The publication of the French version of  The Future of Local Government in Europe has been finalized (
  2. The CNFPT has launched the translation in French of the book on « Philosophy and Public Administration » of Edoardo Ongaro, EGPA President. It will be made available on the ENTO website.
  3. European charter on the meaning and purpose of public action (
  4. Two other publications are proposed that the vice-president for Europe can manage with the CNFPT for ENTO.
    1. The first publication would be on what creates quality in public action, at a European level. This would complete our work of 2018 on the meaning of public action. Public action pursues goals of common good, general interest and social cohesion. It must be inspired by values, principles and societal needs. It must also be of quality: contribute to the rule of law, be efficient, obtain results, be citizen-centred, etc. These needs for quality mean that we need to clarify and formulate in a clear way the necessary indicators. This publication could become another document providing useful points of reference in order to manage reforms and, more generally, the renewal of public action.
    2. The second proposal would be a publication on the innovative training practices and tools for training public agents at a European scale (design thinking, user thinking, IT and online tools, inversed training).

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