Polish Evaluation Society member of ENTO

2019 ENTO General Assembly, held in Tbilisi on 3-5 October, definitely approved the new membership of the Polish Evaluatione Society.

We are very glad to welcome PES and specifically his president Mr. Jakub Wróblewski and the contact person with ENTO, Mr. Mirek Warowicki. Looking forward to meeting them personally in one of next ENTO events, hereafter some information about the new member.

Name: Polish Evaluation Society
Address: ul. Wóycickiego 1/3, building. 23 room. 313. 01-938 Warsaw, Poland
Website: http://pte.org.pl/

Head of the organization: Jakub Wróblewski, jakub.wroblewski@pte.org.pl
Contact person: Mirek Warowicki, Member of Executive Board

Application for: ordinary membership

Brief description:

The Polish Evaluation Society was founded in 2000 by persons involved and interested in evaluation. We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization. We are staffed by volunteers and currently have no permanent, paid employees. Our mission is:

  • to promote the development of a culture and practice of evaluation
  • to organize and integrate the evaluation community,
  • to propagate knowledge about evaluation to ensure quality evaluation research and activities.

The Society aims to promote the development of evaluation culture and promulgate evaluation as a democratic and participatory process through the following activities:

  • organizing studies, courses and workshops,
  • performing evaluations,
  • exchanging experiences with other associations, institutions and organizations,
  • organizing meetings, seminars and conferences,
  • publishing,
  • consulting and advising

Main areas of activities: training, consulting, conferences and other forms of education are provided throughout the country offering training courses on evaluation step – by– step. It has provided opportunities for gaining general and specialist knowledge on evaluation in regularly
organized “Kuźnia ewaluacji “settings. It has contributed to pursuing interests in dialogue and participation as preconditions in modern evaluation among officials and practitioners.
Currently PES is involved with providing expertise and consultancy for Ministry of investment and Development. PES has its representatives in the Board of Network of European Evaluation Societies (NESE), and in the European Evaluation Society(EES). One of founder of PES and member of PES is ambassador of EPALE for Poland. EPALE is funded by the Erasmus+
programme. It is part of the European Union’s strategy to promote more and better learning opportunities for all adults.
Currently group of PES members as authors are involved in the preparation a few publications with cooperation and support by Foundation for the Development of the Education System. This
publications will contain, description, analyses, practical examples and activities that will help to gain a clear understanding of the research process of evaluation, modern trends in evaluation in relation to education.

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