From the Congress great interest to ENTO activities

During the ENTO bureau meeting in Strasbourg, a specific session was devoted to sharing information and views with Congress Secretariat Representatives, Ms. Marité Moras and Mr. Dimitri Marschenkov. Mr. Marschenkov explained the activities that the Congress is undertaking within the Neighbourhood Programme, especially with Morocco and Tunisia. He underlined that one of the priority consists in strengthening the training capacity of local training institutions and associations. That is why he showed a specific interest in ENTO training of trainers initiatives and  specifically in the job-shadowing programme. 

Ms. Moras illustrated the state of the art of cooperation programs with Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova and Georgia. She expressed a specific interest in the proposal of a certification in the field of local leadership as described in the VESTA action plan.

Both Mr. Marschenkov and Ms. Moras underlined as a cutting-edge topic for all projects within the Council of Europe is gender mainstreaming, so ideas and training proposals that deal with such a topic can be of great interest.

They also expressed their intention to come back to ENTO with concrete cooperation proposals in the next months.

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