We are glad to announce that registration to 2019 ENTO StudyLab is open. We invite ENTO members to spread the news and to use that opportunity to enrich their training offer with an astonishing learning experience for directors, trainees and trainers, students, public officials, politicians.

As it was in 2018, ENTO StudyLab gives the chance, thanks to Members which take care of organisation, to have a unique insight into administrative systems, cutting edge topics and key actors approaches of different areas in Europe.

That offers an uncomparable value added to professionals in the field of regional and local governance.

In 2019 ENTO StudyLab is splitted in 2 different events:

1.    on 3-5 July the first event will take place in Strasbourg/Kehl in occasione of the first meeting of the newly elected European Union Parilament. It will give the chance do get directly in contact with European Institutions, specifically the Council of Europe  and the European Union Parliament. There will be the chance to visit them, to get in touch with key players and, for EU Parliament, to attend the first session folowing elections.

2.    on 3-5 October the second event will take place in Georgia, a country which is looking attentive at Europe for building up its own future.

We titled 2019 ENTO StudyLab “Europe, from the hearth to local and back“. It is our goal to travel (not only phisically) from the European Headquarters to local governements in order to enquire how That is not just evocative of the phisical trip we are undergoing, from Strasbourg and the European Institutions to Georgia, a country at the border of geographical Europe.

Information and registration form are available on

It is a title that explicit the proposition to know better how the relationship between the “hearth” and the “local” has been woorking in political, institutional and administrative terms.

It sounds an interesting topic, doesn’t it?

That’s why we are looking forward to meeting, sharing and discussing with you!

What is ENTO StudyLab?

ENTO Study Lab consists in a series of study tours which give the chance to:

• deepen the knowledge of different administrative systems, with a specific focus on local authorities;

• get in touch with leading people in the field of local public administration all around Europe;

share and exchange with other colleagues in an international environment.

ENTO StudyLab is a learning and sharing opportunity for trainers, directors of training institutions, graduate and under-graduate students, local politicians and civil servants.

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