ENTO Distanced-Talks

Covid-19 is putting under pressure our training institutions. There are many challenges to cope with: how to rapidly switch to distance-learning? How to deal with financial issues? Which tools to use?

In these weeks we have been all committed in finding creative ways to bring on our work. Maybe it is now time for a useful sharing of experience. That is why ENTO is proposing its “Distanced Talks”: on-line meetings for learning from each other and getting new insights.

Let’s start with 2 pilot “Distanced talks”

ENTO members’ who are eager to present their experience (10 minutes max) in one of the two Talks are heartily welcomed: please, send an email to paolo.crugnola@edu.ti.ch


Emergency strategies: what has been working?

 Thursday, 7 May 2020, at 16:00 – 17:30 (CET – Central Europe Time)


–    Government strategies for coping with Coronavirus in training: what is going on?

–    Smart working for internals: which measures? How to coordinate the work?

–    E-learning platforms, video conferencing, etc.: what works better?

–    Lessons and exams in distance: under which conditions are they valid?

–    Financial issues: what about fees? What about funds available?


Training methods in distance learning


Thursday, 14 May 2020, at 14:00 – 15:30 (CET – Central Europe Time)


–    How is training changing?

–    Which tools are available?

–    How keeping students and participants engaged?

–    What kind of examinations?

–    …



Benoit Cathala, Centre National de la Formation Publique Territoriale, France



· Zhana Antia, Georgian Institute of Public Administration, Georgia

· Pierre Petit, Conseil Regional de la Formation, Belgium

· Ljubo Runjic, Polytechnic of Sibenik, Croatia




Giorgi Meskhidze, Civitas Georgica, Georgia



· Zelijka Halak, College of applied sciences, Croatia

· Gert Fieguth, Kehl University of Applied Science, Germany



Who can participate

All ENTO members’ staff (managers, trainers, officials) is invited to take part to the meeting (free admission): please share the above link to whom is interested.



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