ENTO Distanced-Lab against Covid pandemic: an experiment all together

In the bureau meeting held on 8th July 2020 it was decided the rescheduling of the Activity Plan for 2020 in view of the uncertainty linked to the Corona Virus emergency. Although the big constraints in travelling and in gathering people, we are strongly committed to keep on working and offering our students and participants increased opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills.

As we shared during the ENTO Distanced Talks in May, the new conditions have been urging us to innovate, both in contents and methods, our training activities.

ENTO wants to stand by its members in pursuing these challenges.

We are glad to propose you a new creative way of delivering the traditional appointment of ENTO StudyLab and General Assembly: the ENTO Distanced-Lab.

The ENTO Distanced-Lab is intended as an opportunity for experimentation and research, in the field of innovative training methods and contents for local and regional authorities.

We ask you to share within the ENTO network the most innovative training initiatives that you have been developing for coping with the challenges posed by Covid-19 crisis.

We are keen on participating to training sessions that are meaningful examples of new formats, new contents, new ways of engaging participants, new opportunities offered by ICT tools.


We want to schedule:

  • an overall ENTO catalogue
  • of distanced training sessions (max 1,5 hours long)
  • offered by different ENTO members from different countries
  • from  15th October to 13th November (the original date for ENTO General Assembly)
  • open to trainers, politicians, civil servants… from all around Europe

The call

In order to compose the catalogue, we ask you to propose at least one training session each to be included in the catalogue.

The training session:

  • is scheduled from  15th October to 13th November
  • deals with topics connected with local and regional authorities training
  • is delivered in distance learning format
  • is in English or in another language
  • is a meaningful example of your innovation strategy
  • is accessible for free to trainers, students and participants from other ENTO members.

Deadline: 30 September 2020

Do not hesitate!

Send us your proposal of training session using the “Presentation Form” attached.

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