ENTO Bureau meeting in Mendrisio (Switzerland)

The Bureau meeting n. 1/2019, held in Mendrisio (Switzerland) on 25-26 January 2019 offered the occasion to analyse the strategic positioning of ENTO today and to sketch developments for next years.

We are all aware of the difficulties ENTO has to cope with in terms of limited financial resources and lack of a stable organisational structure (a secretariat). At the same time we have also the feeling that all the efforts done in these years to offer a concrete value added to members have been appreciated.
Today, ENTO members have not only the opportunity to get easily in touch with similar organisations in a significant number of European countries, but can also enrich their training offers, thanks to specific initiatives ENTO has been promoting in favour of its members. The ENTO StudyLab is quite a good example for that: it offers the chance to trainers and trainees to take part to study visits which are unique. In each visit it is possible to get in touch with key-note personalities in the visited institutions, to visit sites that are not normally available to the general public, to interact with colleagues from abroad and to plant seeds for future cooperation.
At the same time, we are all aware that a lot of work is still to be done. As a bureau, we agreed to keep in mind the following 3 goals:
1. To increase membership and retention in ENTO
2. To increase ENTO’s visibility, impact and relevance;
3. To contribute to the common debate on the renewal of local public action and training.
It is clear to everybody that the future of ENTO is strictly linked to the value shared by its members. As ENTO has neither staff nor big revenues, it can only get its attractiveness from the activities, the initiatives and the free will to cooperate offered by its members.
That is why ENTO is first of all concerned in providing members good opportunities to share.

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