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ENTO BUREAU 2016-2018

During 2016 ENTO General Assembly new election of the Bureau took place. The newly elected ENTO Bureau is composed as follow:

  • Paolo Crugnola, ENTO President, 
  • Boris Bakota, Former President,
  • PIerre Petit, Vice-president for relations with members from Western Europe, 
  • Giorgi Meshkidze, Vice-president for relations with members from Eastern Europe
  • Gert Fieguth, Vice-president for developing innovative projects
  • Jean Paul Plassard, Treasurer.


The General Assembly of Ento

According to the Statutes, the General Assembly is a meeting of all members of the association. It is convened by the President once a year. The President also convenes extraordinary sessions at the Bureau's request or at the request of one-third of the members entitled to vote.

The General Assembly decides the general lines of the association's work. It approves the President's annual report and the financial report from the Treasurer, as well as the association's accounts and annual budget.

The ENTO Bureau

On the 2nd October 2014 (following the 27th Annual Conference) Ento members gathered in Liège for the Annual General Assembly. During the meeting, Mr Boris Bakota from CILG - Croatia was elected President while the remaining Bureau is now composed by:



Boris BAKOTA (Croatie)

Croatian Institute for Local Government (CILG) - President


Giorgi MESKHIDZE (Géorgie)

The International Association 'Civitas Georgica' 


Pierre PETIT (Belgique)

Conseil régional de la Formation


Paolo CRUGNOLA (Suisse)



Jean-Paul PLASSARD (France)



Gert FIEGUTH (Allemagne)

The University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration