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The benefits of joining ENTO


As is the case in many networks the membership of ENTO is diverse, some organisations are long-established with extensive experience in training while others are relatively new, members work within and across different national systems and member organisations have different specialisms. It is this diversity that gives rise to the benefits of membership, including:

  • Contacts across Europe who can help with obtaining information and getting in touch with other people and organisations in their country
  • Opportunities for exchange of ideas and experience with others working in a similar field
  • A pool of people with expertise in training and development, research, political administration, training resource development
  • The opportunity to share training and teaching materials and resources
  • Assistance and support from fellow members in developing and implementing activities
  • Developing bi-lateral and multi-lateral partnerships for funding
  • Being invited to join missions, seminars and other activities within projects/programmes of the Council of Europe and the European Union
  • Opportunities for organising placements, study tours and exchanges with members in other countries for training organisation staff and/or staff of local and regional authorities

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