2019 Annual Management Report

As usual, ENTO Annual Assembly, held during the ENTO StudyLab in Tbilisi (Georgia), offered the chance to discuss what has been done and to settle new goals for the future. Hereafter the Annual Management Report which was read during the Assembly.

Dear Friends,

on behalf of the Bureau I am very pleased to sketch a short overview of main goals achieved in the latest year, not to relax on our achievements, but to fuel with proudness, self-esteem and hope our future steps.


In my view, the greatest achievement in 2019 is the definitive consolidation of StudyLab as a key output of ENTO network.

This year we had the chance to enjoy two great events: the StudyLab in Strasbourg-Kehl and the one we are experiencing here in Tbilisi. They both showed to be very pleasant occasions to spend some time together. Ancient Romans would have called them otium, a period of time out of everyday commitments that people can use to learn and develop new ideas and projects. A precious condition for effectively seeding future cooperation.

StudyLabs have been offering us the opportunity to get in touch with people and institutions that are normally not easily accessible. They offer the opportunity to discuss in a comparative setting critical issues for our everyday work: cutting-edge topics in local governance and new initiative in the field of training.

A special thank must be addressed to the colleagues who made the two events possible: Benoit Cathala and Gert Fieguth for Strasbourg-Kehl StudyLab and Zhana Antia and Giorgi Meshkidze for Tbilisi one. Thank you and your teams!

Cooperation projects

I am very happy to inform you that within ENTO network some interesting cooperation projects have been born and some of them were successfully completed.

Last year it was reported about the cooperation project within Erasmus+ program proposed jointly by the College of Applied Science of Vukovar and the Georgian Institute of Public Administration (GIPA). That project was successfully carried out during 2019, as you read in ENTO Newsletter.

An application has been submitted for a research project on “Developing and testing a Citizenship self-assessment framework for thriving local democracies”. As partners, GIPA and Civitas Georgica from Georgia, Urban Foundation from Armenia, Open University from UK and Università della Svizzera Italiana from Switzerland are involved. It was a proposal submitted within the call for project research issued by the Swedish International Centre For Local Democracy.

On 8-10 October I will represent ENTO in a meeting organized by the Institute of Public Administration in Prague, which has been member of ENTO for a very long time. Goal of the meeting is to develop a summer school for public officials to be submitted also to Erasmus+ program for funding.

Finally, I would like to recall a cooperation that Benoit Cathala proposed and that I personally retain as very effective. We called it ENTO Open Training. It consists in offering the possibility to trainers and students from ENTO members to attend training programmes for free in one of the other training institutions that are part of the network. Some arrangements still need to be properly defined, but I would strongly recommend you to participate to such an initiative first of all providing information about courses that can be of interest also for people coming from other countries.

ENTO everyday management

As for ENTO everyday management, short information is worth to be given on the following issues:

  1. Within the Bureau we have been working on communication tools improvement; specifically, we have been prompting ENTO presence on social media, we adopted a new system for issuing Newsletters, we are going to create a reserved area for members;
  2. We also decided not to have a formal auditing from an external auditors anymore. We got to such decision considering that according to French laws associations (as ENTO) are not compulsorily subject to external auditing and the annual expenditure for such an audit represented alone 1/3 of ENTO budget.

New members

Finally, I am very pleased to welcome n in ENTO a new member: The Polish Evaluation Society. It is a pleasure also because it gives us the chance to have back in ENTO an “old” friend, Mirek Warowicki. In the past he was active member in ENTO bureau and it is really a pleasure to welcome him again on board.


As you can see, 2019 can be considered a positive and successful year for ENTO. I want to express all my gratitude to Bureau members, Giorgi, Benoit, Gert, Pierre, Boris and Jean-Paul for the great job we have done together. I would also say “thank you” to all people that even if not in the Bureau have committed themselves in contributing to ENTO activities.

As said, there is no room for relaxing. In February 2019 we devoted our first bureau meeting of the year to start a strategic analysis of ENTO in order to draft a new vision which can lead us into the future. We recognized that, besides many things done some constraints are still there. There is room for a further strengthening of the network. Something new and different still need to be developed and it is up to all of us to discover what it is.

Thank you for your attention.

Paolo Crugnola, ENTO President

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