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From Summer School to SummerLab

In 2017 the Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform decided not to continue supporting the CoE-ENTO summer school, a training of trainers in local governments sector. In 2017 the 8th  dition of the summer school was organized in Sofia (Bulgaria) in cooperation the National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria (NAMCB) and the Hans Seidel Stiftung. 

During the  Bureau Meeting held in Strasbourg in March 2018 it was suggested to take the chance to rethink completely the summer school in order to offer to ENTO members a brand-new initiative. In the  discussion, it was underlined how the most appreciated opportunity offered in ENTO summer school and annual conference consists in visiting and learning directly from the field experiences and  practices undertaken by training institutions and local governments in different national contexts.

So, why not to strengthen the value of summer schools and annual conferences as study tours? 

In  such perspective, these initiatives can be even opened up not only to trainers from ENTO members but also to participants in ENTO members courses. In this way the international study tours can  be an opportunity for trainers but also a way for enriching the overall offer that training institutions which are members of ENTO can offer to their participants/students. 

Study tours as real  learning experience

We are all aware that study tours can really give the chance to develop new knowledge and skills, but also networking and cooperation. It is also true that study tours are  ometimes looked at as just “paid holidays” for participants and according to such a prejudice they are considered skeptically. We would like to develop a special format of study tour which can be  asily organized in different countries by ENTO members and which is well structured from the point of view of teaching methods.

That is why we are going to organize a workshop, a SummerLAB, for trainers from 6 to 8 June with the aim of designing such new study tour concept. The format is expected to be declined each year in a different nation/region by one or more ENTO members.  he format should consider the value of cross-bordering: each study tour could give the chance to visit also neighbor countries or regions, so that a comparison within different local government  and  raining systems can be conducted. Each study tour should be of great interest for trainers but also for directors of training institutions, for graduate and ENTO  

Why in Charleroi (Belgium)?

The ENTO SummerLAB will take place in Charleroi (Belgium). In fact, in the same days the Conseil Régional de la Formation is going to present some innovative  tools  for fostering HR management in walloon local authorities: something very interesting also for ENTO participants! So, the workshop will be a study tour experience by itself. 


Save the date for the first ENTO SummerLab, an initiative aimed at making a step forward from the successful experience of ENTO summer school.

Here the full program : ENTO_summer-school_2018_Program

May 24th, 2018

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