2018 ENTO General Assembly

The annual official meeting of ENTO took place in Slavutych on 24th October. Hereafter the Annual Management Report presented during the Assembly.

Dear Friends,

I am convinced that the main result the Annual Management Report has to record for 2018 is the First ENTO StudyLab we have been experiencing here in Slavutych (Ukraine).

Obviously it is a notable record because of the quality of the event itself, and first of all a big thanks goes to our host, the Municipality of Slavutych, to the Mayor, Mr.Yurii Fomichev, and to the person who took the lead of planning and managing everything in such a great way, Ms. Arina Starovojtova.

But I have to say that it also represents a great source of proud and of hope for the network future because it is the result of a great cooperative work among a significant number of ENTO members and representatives.

It really represents a goal we achieved together. So, a special thank goes to all the people who actively involved themselves, free of charge, for taking care all the organisational issues., I would like to particularly mention:

  • Zhana Antia GIPA – Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (Georgia)
  • Danijela Romic College of Applied Sciences „Lavoslav Ružička“ in Vukovar (Croatia)
  • Zelika Halak College of Applied Sciences „Lavoslav Ružička“ in Vukovar (Croatia)
  • Gregorzy Borsch ASK/National Academy of Public Administration (Ukraine)
  • Oleksandr Meshalkin Ask – Attitude, Skills, Knowledge (Ukraine)
  • Audrey Coquelet CRF (Belgium)

Crucial was the Summer meeting we had in Charleroi (Belgium), hosted by the Centre Régionale de la Formation and by Pierre Petit. It was an inspiring opportunity.

We had the chance to get in touch with the experience of Charleroi Baumeester Team in reshaping “physically and mentally” the city.

We took part to the convention in which new innovative tools for human resource management within municipalities were presented.

Above all, it was an intensive workshop in which all of us worked hard to give a shape to this new idea: offering inspiring study tours not only to trainers, but also to students and professionals interested in the field of local authorities.

And so, here we are.

Of course the 1° StudyLab is a test. We will try to get some positive lessons from this first experience in order to make it grow up.

 It would be great if every year we can manage to organise two events like this, one in Eastern Europe and one in Western Europe as it was the case this year.

Thanks to our contacts and competences I am convinced we have the possibility to offer unique training experiences which can really enrich and distinguish the training offer of our training institutions.

During 2018 ENTO was also represented in two important conferences.

On 5-6 April ENTO was invited by CNFPT to take part to the seminar “Public Administration and Practice” which took place in Strasbourg within the EPPA – European Perspective on Public Administration Project. EPPA project is financed by the Anneliese Maier Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation.

The aim of the seminar was to shed light in the relationship of Public Administration and practice and we were very pleased to take part to such an interesting discussion.

On 19-20th April the College of Applied Science of Vukovar (www.vevu.hr) hosted a Conference on Public Administration. Even in such occasion we had the chance to present ENTO and its activities.

It is also of great interest to register that ENTO has ignited bilateral cooperation between members. That is the case of the joint Erasmus carried out by the College of Applied Science of Vukovar and the Georgian Institute of Public Administration (GIPA).

I think that is the demonstration of the “spillover effects” granted by ENTO Membership and I am very happy of this.

The project deals with exchange of trainers and students. I am convinced that is another opportunity ENTO can offer. An opportunity which we can exploit even more in the future thorugh some job shadowing among representatives of different ENTO members. Job shadowing is an idea suggested last year and I am convinced it is worth to be further developed in the next future.

Good results matured in 2018 and in the years before can be good seeds also for 2019 and the next years.

We are on the right way. Of course, still a lot of work is to be done. But I can really see how ENTO is more and more a valuable partner, which can offer practical and concrete opportunities to our training institutions.

And in my view, it is not of secondary importance the fact that all activities are carried on in an informal, friendly and productive mood.

Of such a positive mood, so important for working with pleasure, I do heartily thank all of you!

But let me express special gratitude to the colleagues in ENTO bureau: Gert, Boris, Jean Paul, Pierre. For some years, we have been working hard and with great passion to strengthen ENTO network filling the gap between the limited resources available and the great expectations for the future with commitment, generosity and positive spirit. Just thank you for all that!


Thank you for your attention.

Paolo Crugnola

ENTO President

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