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During the General Assembly it was proposed to held next ENTO General Assembly in Ukraine. ENTO member ASK, represented by Oleksandr MESHALKIN and Hryhorii BORSHCH, is going to conduct a feasibility analysis in the next months and they will come back to us with a definitive answer about such an option.

December 21st, 2017

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Below the Annual management report for 2017 that was presented during the General Assembly:

Dear Friends,

in our meeting in Namur last year, we defined a set of goals to be pursued in 2017 and now, here in Metz, it is time to check how much they have been fulfilled.

Let me say that today we can be really happy and proud of some key facts that showed up during this year. They are the clear demonstration of the commitment and contribution we all have been devoting to ENTO for many years.

That commitment and that contribution is now producing really positive results.

Let’s start with the most important data for an association: the number of members.

In 2017 we welcomed 4 new ENTO members:

  • GIPA – Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (Georgia)
  • ERAP – Ecole regionale d’adminitration publique (Belgium)
  • CNFPT – Centre nationale de la fonction publique territorial (France)
  • Polytechnic of Sibenik (Croatia)


That is an astonishing result. I take as a meaningful matter of fact that so many institutions are looking at ENTO as a valuable network to be part of. Today we can say to have 20 active members within ENTO.

I’d like to thank all of you for the relevant work you have carried out in promoting ENTO and in convincing a growing number of partners to join the network. With the admittance of Polytecnic of Sibenik by ENTO bureau yesterday evening, we are today 20 active members of ENTO.

A second positive result comes from 2016 Balance Sheet: in 2016 we registered a positive figure of + 2’432 Euro. We cannot really say that is a definitively sustainable result. I am not sure we are definitely out of red figures, but let’s enjoy such a positive result up to now. And I’d like to say a special thanks to bureau members who really personally took on the responsibility to save as much as possible in travel and accommodation expenditures.

But, as I said, such very positive results could not be achieved without the strong commitment of many members who worked free of charge to make ENTO growing.

In 2017, too, many activities have been carried out with the crucial contribution of different ENTO members.

First of all, we have improved ENTO communication tools.

  1. A brand new ENTO website is now available at ento.org. It is our business card and we can say a big thank you to Mr. Pierre PETIT and to CRF for the great work they did and they are still doing keeping it maintained.
  2. Connected with the ENTO website, we have now also a more professional newsletter that is aimed at keeping ENTO members updated about what is going on in the network, but also for sharing information, ideas, projects and facts related to each member and the situation of local and regional authorities in each country or region. That is why I kindly invite you on behalf of CRF to actively participate in keeping the website updated and lively, writing articles and suggesting contents.
  3. And now we have also a Facebook group that makes ENTO be foundable also on social media. A great thanks to Ms. Željka VAJDA HALAK, who is working on that. Of course I invite all of you to join the group.


Another important ENTO activity is summer school. Actually, we received this year a very bad news: Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform within the Council of Europe decided not to support such an activity anymore. So even 2017 ENTO summer school, which took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) in July, could be offered free of charge to ENTO members thanks to the cooperation with the National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria (NAMBC) and with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation (Germany).

 It will be a challenge to organize a summer school in 2018, too. But I am deeply convinced that summer school has already proofed to be a valuable opportunity to ENTO members for training their respective trainers, so I do hope we can find a way for organising it again.

And of course, another crucial opportunity that we can offer to ENTO member is the Annual Conference and General Assembly. Even this year we are having a great experience here in Metz. We are having the chance to discuss cutting edge issues with colleagues from Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg in a very big and prestigious event.

 And I take the chance to say again to Mr. Pierre PETIT: thank you. Thank you for your precious work in concretely and strongly supporting ENTO. Most of the activities that have been delivered in 2017 have seen Pierre PETIT and CRF as key players. A big share of ENTO success in these years is up to Pierre PETIT and I think it is right to say it openly. Thank you again.

And let me conclude with a regret. Unfortunately, the biggest goal we set up in 2016 General Assembly has not been achieved yet.

We decided to develop one or more projects to be funded by some EU programs and aimed at delivering new opportunities to ENTO members. We discussed as such a project cannot be developed and led by ENTO itself, but ENTO members need to play a leading role.

We worked on a project proposal which should have become an application to Erasmus+, but it didn’t get to a good end because of a series of reasons.

Anyway, I am still convinced that we can do it, we can develop and carry out a project that can allow ENTO members to get even more from the network. In order to be successful, we need the concrete help of all of us. Our organisations have great resources in terms of knowledges, experiences, competences, people: let’s join forces in order to get better results together. So, please, whenever we do something in our organizations, let’s keep ENTO in mind and ask ourselves: in which way such an activity can be worthily also for other ENTO members?

That is the way we got such a great experience in Metz: if we multiply such approach in our organisations, we can really get great results, beautiful projects with big chances to be funded.

That is, in my view, the main challenge we need to take up for 2018. And this time we need to do it with even more determination than in the past.

Thank you for your attention.


Paolo Crugnola

December 21st, 2017

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The members of the European Network of Training Organisations for Local and Regional Authorities (ENTO), met in Metz, France, on 25th November 2017, with Paolo CRUGNOLA (Switzerland), ENTO President, in the Chair with the following agenda:


  1. Opening of the meeting by Paolo Crugnola (Switzerland), ENTO President
  2. Adoption of the draft agenda
  3. Approval of the General Assembly synopsis – November 2016, Namur, Belgium
  4. President’s Annual Management Report

a. Introduction by Paolo Crugnola (Switzerland), ENTO President
b. Report on communication activities, by Pierre Petit, ENTO Vice-President
c. Report on project proposals, by Gert Fieguth, ENTO Vice-President
d. Exchange of views
e. Voting

5. Financial Report 2016 and Auditor’s Report by Jean Paul Plassard (France), ENTO Treasurer

a.Introduction by Jean Paul Plassard (France), ENTO Treasurer
b. Exchange of views
c. Voting

6. Guidelines of ENTO work in 2018

a. Introduction by Paolo Crugnola (Switzerland), ENTO President
b. Exchange of views
c. Voting

7. Draft Budget 2018

a. Introduction by Jean Paul Plassard (France), ENTO Treasurer
b. Exchange of views
c. Voting

8. Any other business

9. Date and place of next General Assembly and Conference (October/November 2018)

December 21st, 2017

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During the ENTO bureau meeting which was held in Metz on 23rd November, the admission of the Polytechnic of Sibenik (Croatia) in ENTO was formally approved.

We heartily welcome the new member in the network sending our regards to Ivan Malenica, Dean of the Politechnic, and Ljubo Runjic, who represented the Polytechnic in the general assembly in Metz.

Hereafter a short presentation of Polytechnic of Sibenik.

The Polytechnic in Sibenik was first established in 2006 and we have been educating young students (older than 18) in the fields of social and technical sciences of tourism, public administration, transport and informatics.

We have 1100 students and 50 members of the staff.

We offer undergraduate professional study programmes:

  1. T ourism management
  2. IT management
  3. Administrative law studies
  4. Traffic and transportation studies

Professional study programmes consist of 6 semesters (180 ECTS) and after successfully finishing them, our students acquire a degree of professional graduates or baccalaureus of economy, informatics, traffic or administration. The Polytechnic also offers a specialist graduate professional study program that lasts two years (4 semesters): Graduate professional study of management (120 ECTS).

The objective of the Polytechnic is successful integration in the European educational space. We have therefore introduced internationally accepted norms and educational standard (ISO 900 l :2008, ESG) in our activities. lnvestment in our programs, human and material resources has led to our programs being recognized in Croatia with the wish to open new horizons and international exchange of students and teachers.

The aim of the institution is to provide programs of high quality that will enable responsible young experts to become the carriers of future development for the local, national and international

comrnunity especially since we are the only higher education institution int he county. We have a very strong support from our City Council, Sibensko- kninska County, NGO sector.

With the current changes in the world and new prospects in the European labor market, we hope to integrate our Faculty with other institutions in higher education, in Croatia but in Europe as well.

December 21st, 2017

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The first conference of general secretaries/directors of municipalities from the Grande Région (Walloon, Luxemburg, Grand-Est Region of France, Sarre and  Rheinland-Pfhals from Germany), was held in Metz from 24 to 26 November and hosted the ENTO annual general assembly.

In plenary sessions and workshops different issues related to the topic “Governance: the relation between elected politicians and public managers in local authorities” were discussed. It offered the opportunity to point out how different legal and administrative systems deal with the principles of good governance and the relationships among different roles active in local municipalities.

Besides getting acknowledged with other local government regime, specifically French, Belgian, Luxembourgian and German one, the speeches delivered clearly pointed out how many commonalities there are in the everyday work of local civil servants.

That is, of course, a critical issue for ENTO, given the natural interest for comparative approaches that an European perspective can offer to officials and trainers in charge of delivering training to local public officials.

The conference also offered the opportunity to enjoy the city of Metz, with the special atmosphere created by the famous Christmas Market, and specifically some meaningful buildings: the Mairie (the Municipal House where the first conference day was held), the Arsenal (the Concert hall where we had the chance to participate to the Gala Dinner), the brand new headquarter of CNFPT in the Lorraine Region (where the second conference day and ENTO general assembly were held), the Museè de la Court d’Or (the Historical museum where we had the pleasant opportunity to have dinner on Saturday night).

A big thank to the conference promoters, is to be heartily expressed: Franck LEFEBVRE President of SNDGCT-LORRAINE (www.sndg.info), Michel DEVIÈRE President of the Fédération wallonne des Directeurs généraux communaux, Claude OÉ President of the Association des secrétaires communaux du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (www.fgfc.lu) and Berthold BASTIAN director of the Municipality of Perl.

From ENTO side, a special thanks is to be addressed to Pierre Petit, who gave us the chance to connect ENTO to such an initiative.

December 21st, 2017

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